Mahgroynins walking in the Mamore hills
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Our January outing took us to Calluna in Fort William, comfortable accommodation that we have used a number of times now.  Despite being the end of January there was only a dusting of snow on the hills so unfortunately there was no skiing. There was little disappointment because a high pressure system was well established and the weather was perfect for taking to the surrounding mountain tops.  We opted to do Mullach nan Coirean and Stob Ban, two contrasting mountains linked by a high undulating ridge. Mullach nan Coirean has a smoother whaleback shaped top whereas Stob Ban is a more craggy peak.  We had cloud, some snow flurries and even an occasional glimpse of the sun, but unusually for the time of year and best of all, it was almost completely calm.  The conditions were more alpine than arctic making the high tops a pleasant place to be, and we were rewarded with fleeting glimpses of Brocken Spectres on the summit of Stob Ban.

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