Bike trip through the fjords and mountains of Norway
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June 2008 saw me head on my bike for the Newcastle ferry to Norway, a service sadly no longer available.  Having the choice of disembarking at  Stavanger, Haugesund or Bergen, I chose Haugesund simply because the ferry got there at tea time. A civilised time to get to my hotel and then find something to eat.  The evening was warm and the hotel was stifling, Norway had been having some very warm weather, oh how that was to change!  I set off the next day heading for Geilo, a ski resort reached by crossing the Hallingskarvet plateau where the road rose to an altitude of 1350 m.  The temperature had plummeted to just above freezing and that night, camping at Geilo, gale force winds blew.  Camping was going to be cold and wet, but hytte, the little camping huts saved the day for me, they all came with heaters so it was easy to get dried out for the next day.  The weather in Geilo set the tone for the week with days of freezing rain that turned to snow on passes above 1000 metres.  It made for some challenging riding but the scenery was beautiful, even though I was denied views of the high jagged tops in the Jotunheimen mountains, where the highest peaks in Northern Europe are to be found.  Fortunately towards the end of my trip the sun did make an appearance and I managed to get a few photos with some colour in them.


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