A motorbike tour of the Orkneys and North West Scotland
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Whilst there is nothing nicer than cycling in remote areas of Scotland, there are times when an engine is necessary to allow greater distances to be covered.  Scotland has some of the best biking roads in the world and getting on two wheels is one of the best ways to see the country, and one of the cheapest ways of getting to the islands.  In the remnants of our summer of 2005 I packed a tent on the back of my motorcycle and set of on a trip from Edinburgh that headed up the east coast, over to Orkney, back across the top then down the west coast.  My first stop was at Carbisdale Castle where I stayed to do some walking with friends from the Mahgroynin Mountaineering Club. We climbed Ben Loyal, but sorry there are no photos as I left my camera behind in the castle that day!  From Carbisdale it was on to Orkney, and  after a few days exploring the Orkney mainland and southern isles it was time to head across the top and down the west coast of Scotland taking in favourite beaches such as Oldshoremore, the sunsets at Scourie, magnificent Suilven and the Torridon mountains,  and the famous biking road round Applecross forest.  On then to Skye for a couple of nights at Glenbrittle where even the Cuillins put in an appearance below the cloud, albeit on the day I had to head home via Glencoe.  The distance covered during the week was around 1300 miles which I did in comfort on a 10 year old BMW R1100R.  Being Scotland good waterproofs were essential, although the rain did hold off long enough to allow a few photos to be taken.  Some of you might say why spoil a good picture by putting an old bike in the foreground?  Please don't try to understand, only another biker would.


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