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These pages were put together to allow us to share photographs that I've taken on various ventures into the outdoors.  Many times we have been in beautiful places, but somehow we never get round to sharing the photo's.   With this site we can do just that. As many of you are visitors from overseas possibly planning a trip to Scotland, I hope you find the photographs give you a taste of the wonderful scenery and diverse environment that we have to offer.

For those of you who, like me, prefer to escape into the countryside on a mountain bike I have added a section containing  bike routes illustrated with photos to give a flavour of the type of terrain you can enjoy.  If you decide to do any of the routes it is important that you are a competent navigator and have the appropriate maps.  Whilst the information was correct at the time of writing, malcolmsharp.co.uk accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any information given.  Please do not use the route descriptions as your only directions, they are not designed for that purpose.  I have provided some guidance as to the difficulty of the routes and the times you might take, these are based on my experience as an everyday cyclist of average fitness.  I often describe the routes in similar terms to ski runs, i.e. green - suitable for occasional cyclists and families; blue - suitable for novice mountain bikers and families; red - suitable for good mountain bikers; black - suitable for expert mountain bikers.

As so many of us enjoy outdoor activities, I have included a links page.  I hope you find it useful, and visit often.

Occasionally a photo album may be password protected.  This is simply to provide a degree of privacy for you and your family (do you always want the world to see what you got up to at the weekend?).  If you don't know a password please email me.

To see ourselves as others see us! 

Best wishes, Malcolm

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